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prometric cna Prometric CNA Practice Test


Prometric is one of the most reliable and dependable professional testing providers in the nation -  many states use Prometric testing service to administrator their state certification exams including CNA certificiation.

Prometric Testing Centers Offer the following:

  1. Excellent & Professional Service
  2. Secure testing – Bio registration
  3. Test day support
  4. Study tools for students

List of States using Prometric

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Oklahoma

If you are planning to apply for the CNA exam and live in one of the above states your exam will most likely take place within a Prometric testing center – please check with your state’s governing agency for testing details.  If you are required to visits a Prometric testing facility please watch the following video Prometric has created so you are best prepared for your exam day.

Watch video on Prometric CNA Practice Exam

Prometric provides students with one CNA practice exam to study from – which you can find here: Prometric CNA Practice Test.  This practice test will provide you with a general idea for what to expect on exam day.  We suggest you print off a few copies and test yourself throughout your studies to track your progress.  It’s a great idea to incorporate the  Prometric CNA practice test into your study schedule, however, it does not convey the full scope of information that you will need to know for your CNA exam.  It covers only 50 questions out of possible hundreds that could be on the exam AND it does little to prepare you for the CNA Skills portion of your test – which is where most student fail.

If you feel that you are in need more practice tests and study tools after using the Prometric CNA Practice Test we have created a CNA Study Guide with an extensive review, practice tests, study tools and skills audio.

What Prometric says about the CNA Test

Prepare for your Nurse Aide exam with online practice tests!  Practice tests, created based on federal regulations and applicable for all states, will help you gain the confidence you need for a successful exam and give you immediate feedback so you know the areas you need to review before your test day.  Convenient payment options include credit or debit cards.


Ready to assess your knowledge? Take the Written Exam Practice Test now!


  • Online, multiple-choice tests that provide an in-depth assessment of your knowledge about each skill. (Note: during the real Clinical Skills Test, you are required to actually perform skills).
  • Helps you determine areas or skills that you need to review to prepare for your test.
  • Different options allow you to select tests with specific combinations of skills ($5 – $7 each) or take a super-sized test covering ALL skills ($25).
  • Learn how to register and launch the Practice Exam



  • Skills Readiness Test-Catheter Care, Hand and Nail Care, and Bedpan
  • Skills Readiness Test-Handwashing and Indirect Care
  • Skills Readiness Test-Measure and Record: Pulse and Respirations, Urine Output, and Feeding
  • Skills Readiness Test-Mouth Care, Dressing, Partial Bedbath
  • Skills Readiness Test-Occupied Bed, Foot Care and Perineal Care
  • Skills Readiness Test-ROM, Ambulation, Transfer and Positioning
  • Skills Readiness Test-SUPER PACK-ALL SKILLS


CNA Study Guide CTA Learn More Prometric CNA Practice Test

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