Mississippi is experiencing a shortage of CNAs to fill many positions in hospitals and long-term care facilities across the state. Because of this, many schools offer CNA Programs to supply the demand of CNAs. Those CNAs must meet the State and federal requirements to work as a nursing assistant in long-term care facilities.

State Contact Information for CNA Certifications

Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry
PearsonVue – Nurse Aide
PO Box 13785
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3785
Phone #: 888-204-6213

CNA Salary in Mississippi

  • Between $18,720 to $22,880
  • $9.10 per hour typically (Hourly rate will increase by experience)

Mississippi CNA Program & Training Information

A  CNA training program in Mississippi must have at least 75 hours or more of classroom and clinical training combined. Some state-approved training programs may differ when it comes to number of hours in classroom and practical training.

See a list of approved Mississippi CNA training programs

Information in Mississippi

It is important to know that state regulations change often.  This site is updated frequently, however, please double check all information with your states official government agency.  Links and contact information are provided for your convenience.

If an approved CNA wishes to work in Mississippi the applicant must contact the Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry to obtain a transfer/reciprocity form. The form must be completed and submitted with documentations by mail. Applicant must have an active certification and have a good working status.

Renewal in Mississippi

To renew CNA Certification in Mississippi:

(1) A pre-printed recertification form will be mailed out to the CNA2- 3 months prior to your expiration date. If you still do not receive any notice, you may obtain renewal form by contacting Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry.

(2) Requirements to be met:

  • You must work a minimum of 8 hours as a nursing assistant in the past 24 months.
  • You must be listed as good standing status in your registry

(3) Completed form with required documents and fees must be mailed to the address indicated in the form.

To renew Expired CNA Certification in Mississippi:

(1) Contact Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry.

(2) If the registry provide form, completed form with required documents and fees must be mailed to the address indicated in the form.

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